Travelling Architecture

Hinemihi, Maori Meeting House, 2013

Brought to the UK from New Zealand in 1892

Current location: Clandon Park National Trust garden, Surrey

Archive image below of the house in Te Wairoa, New Zealand. Photograph from Alexander Turnbill Library, Wellington, New Zealand. Image dated 1868.

Swiss Chalet, 2013

Given to Charles Dickens from Charles Fletcher in 1864

Current location: Eastgate House garden, Rochester, Kent

Archive image below: Dickens chalet at Gad's Hill Place (Courtesy of Museum Strauhof)

American Diner, 2013

Built in New Jersey USA in 1941

Moved to London in the 1990’s

Current Location: Trinity Buoy Wharf, London

Archive photograph below of the diner in America. Exact date unknown.

Waving Flags published by Black Dog Publishing

A project by 2nd year MA Photography students 2013